Social and labor inclusion through  Technology Education

What we do

We are an impact Edtech that offers educational experiences in Technology through a triple support methodology: We train, accompany and insert talent with potential from contexts of socio-economic vulnerability to the market, bringing to the market a robust flow of talent validated in its competences: techniques , human and professional, ready to be quickly incorporated into work teams.

Educational experiences that
transform lives forever

We design and implement various experience models:

Training and acceleration programs of 6 to 9 months duration that include professional practices in the academic curriculum. Among them, Programs in Full-Stack Development, Salesforce Development, Salesforce Administration.

Bootcamps. Short programs to address specific and introductory topics: Front-End Development, MongoDB, Agility.

Hackathons in which employees of the client-organization work together with selected talent to address business challenges specific to the company.

Corporate Awareness Workshops on Technology & Social Inclusion.

Talent Ready. Skill Up processes and talent certification through real professional practices.

Advantages and impact of the Guayerd model

Promotes a culture of diversity and purpose in work teams.

We mitigate the risk of labor turnover.

We minimize learning curve times.

We create direct access to non-existent talent in the market.

We help generate a positive social impact aligned with business objectives.

Who trust us

We work in coordination with +25 recognized NGOs in Latin America, government agencies, startups and large companies from various industries.

Foundations and NGOs


Companies and Startups

Philanthropy and Impact Donors


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