We contribute to changing lives through education and access to jobs with future projection

The problem that concerns us and occupies us

Socio-economic vulnerability in Latin America affects 38% of the population; which is increased by the lack of professional development opportunities and low access to quality jobs. There are 30 million unemployed Latin Americans, while 60% of workers from a vulnerable context are in the informal sector.

The opportunity
that motivates us

The shortage of technology talent offers fertile ground for promoting social inclusion by incorporating people who are outside the system into the workforce. With more than 2 million developers missing between America and Europe, and with a talent deficit that will quadruple by 2030, we are convinced that social inclusion is the way to mitigate it.

Our impact by 2030

We seek to incorporate into the workforce in Technology more than 23 thousand people with potential who currently do not have access to education or employment that allows them to get out of their situation of vulnerability.

Guayerd is committed to contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, through a social impact model.